As a social media manager, I get it.

We are the wearer of many hats in the marketing world – from project management to crisis communications, to content managers.

We are on at all times and because of this fact, we can get easily burnt out leaving us to think, what’s next for my social media career?

Worry no more.

Here are some avenues to consider as you explore your next step, whether you continue to work in communications or decide to explore something a bit different.

There’s something for you!

Social Media Career Transferable Skills

So you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career, whether it be social media or trying to understand what’s next.

The good news:

Those of us who work in social media has a broad skill set that many employers desire.

The hard news:

You have to decide and discover what you are most passionate about to make the choice for what’s next.

A few transferable skills you may already have include:

  • Strategic thinking: You know how social media tactics impact overall strategy. Whether it be building awareness or conversion.
  • Community building: You love people and connecting others. You know how to do this IRL and online.
  • Data analysis: You love the numbers, and may even consider yourself a nerd. Digging into the numbers, building reports and letting the numbers drive your strategy is what you’re all about.
  • Creativity: You’re also driven by your creativity. You likely are conducting something creative on the side of your social media career such as photography, design, or writing.
  • Organization: You love a to-do list. With social media, there’s never the same day and you’re energized by this because of your organization; everything has its place.

As you begin to explore new opportunities, you’ll likely hear and read about a T-shaped marketer:

The vertical line represents the depth of related skills as well as expertise from social media, whereas the horizontal line showcases the ability to collaborate across marketing disciplines.

Pay attention to the skills that you have built and are continuing to build.

They are likely making you into a T-shaped marketer, thus giving you more opportunities for growth.

These skills all may also help you in your next career move.

Careers to Consider

Now that you’ve begun to analyze what skills you have, it’s time to consider what careers align with those skills.

Perhaps one of the options below will spark a new idea or passion for you.

It’s also important to remember that you can stick to social media and build your leadership skills to manage a team as well.

Let’s take a look at the opportunities that could be in your career future.

1. Project Management

The development of social media timelines, budgets, best approach, and technical aspects all put you ahead of the pack.

You’ve led large-scale social media campaigns that include all of these aspects making you the prime candidate for a project management role.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Time-blocking.
  • Communication with a variety of teammates.
  • Management of team members and project details.
  • Problem-solving.

2. Internal Communications

You’re a people-person.

You love communication and connecting others.

This is precisely what you have been doing in your social media career.

Take it to the next level by developing an internal employee communications channel or by creating key talking points for leadership team members.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Ghostwriting.
  • Talking points or strategic writing.
  • Natural leadership.
  • Organization, attention to detail.

3. Content Marketing

You embody your organization’s brand voice.

You’re a natural copywriter and love conversation.

Likely, you’ve contributed to your company blog or have guest-written somewhere.

The work you’ve put in to organize this content and share it in a meaningful way through social media is a great first step to a career in content marketing.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Copywriting.
  • Data analysis.
  • Storytelling.
  • Researching.

4. Creative Designer

You have an eye for beautiful design.

You may be an Instagram influencer sharing your favorite clothing items of the week.

Main point: you have great style and aesthetic.

A career in design will challenge you to create beautiful, brand-centric designs that connect the key messages to all creative channels.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Strong interpersonal communication.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Organization, attention to detail.

5. Data Analyst

You love the numbers.

You’re a numbers-nerd.

You understand and know how to tell the story behind the numbers and why they are key to success.

Strategic-thinking is your bread and butter that you use to identify trends, make predictions and connect with your communities.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Strong communication.
  • Google tools wizard.
  • Data-driven.
  • Self-starter, innovator.

6. Marketing Strategist

You’re a jack-of-all-trades and you’re not sure exactly where you want to fit right now.

Moving into a marketing strategist role will help with broadening you into a T-shaped marketer.

You’ll continue to manage large-scale projects and work with multiple team members and key stakeholders.

For your interview, consider highlighting the following transferable skills you may already possess:

  • Organization.
  • Team player.
  • Project management.
  • Problem-solving.

Networking Through Social Media

As you consider what role you would like to play in your organization’s communications and marketing department, also consider working on your networking game to help elevate your professional appearance through social media.

Hey, you’re already good at sharing for your company and clients on social media, why not do it for yourself?

Facebook Groups

Begin taking a look at Facebook Groups that are focused on areas you would like to grow in.

Perhaps its coding or maybe its internal communications, join these groups and begin sharing your thoughts for contribution to the conversation.

You never know what conversations may turn into leads for your own professional growth.

LinkedIn Sharing

Whether it’s your own blog article you’re sharing or from a link you saw in this morning’s daily newsletter, share it on LinkedIn if you found it helpful!

Remember to include post copy along with your share to entice your audience to join in the conversation.

It’s also important to consider sharing what others are posting about in your networks; whether it be a job or an interesting story, it may be helpful for your community to see it as well.

Pinterest Boards

One way I began expanding my own professional network was with a Pinterest Board dedicated to my digital accomplishments.

All pins linked to those wins in my professional life and helped identify these wins to a different audience than usual.

It’s also an interesting way to share your accomplishments more visually.

Twitter Chats

Expand your digital presence by engaging in Twitter Chats that relate to what you are interested in.

As you begin to discuss with other like-minded professionals, doors may begin to open for you.

Perhaps you may even get asked to host or lead a Twitter Chat conversation!

What’s Next in My Social Media Career?

Hopefully, you’re reading this inspired to take the next step and move your career to the next level.

If you’ve learned anything, know that the opportunities are endless, and there’s a spot for you somewhere.

Reach out to a mentor, talk with a trusted colleague, connect with a social media expert or call your best friend to tell them about what you’ve been thinking about.

These conversations open us up to new opportunities.

So, what will you choose?