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As people migrate from computers to mobile devices, the face of the Internet is changing.

Turn your WordPress website into a native mobile application with VibesPress.

The first version of VibesPress is the NewsPress which was built as a News platform to help you reach more and more readers for your online Magazine or News website.
In addition to various user defined options, VibesPress was built from the scratch, thus it can be customized as per your needs!

What sets VibesPress apart from other WordPress Apps is the ability to integrate it with a single, or multiple websites to use it as a hub that seamlessly combine content from various websites for your App users to have all your information at the palm of their hand.
All of these amazing things can be done in our configuration engine to provide you with a well tested app in a very short period of time.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It For

Simplicity for the end user

The simpler it's delivered, the better. Keep in mind this main quality of any mobile application that ranks among the best.

Amazing App Features

That is one of the essential qualities that help popular mobile apps gather and maintain a loyal following.

High Performance

Performance is a crucial contributor to a trustworthy mobile user experience. Therefore, it’s considered to be a key driver.

Amazing App Features

Your mobile application must launch quickly for the first time and never keep users waiting since that very moment.

User Preferences

We used user preferences where it's possible to let your users make the app look and work the way they want.

Amazing App Features

Personalization is undeniably loved by everyone. Flexible settings, fonts, colors and sizes are a winner.

Social Media Integration

All what you need from social media platform from posts sharing and social comments to user Login and Registration in 2 easy steps.

Amazing App Features

Users have very high expectations and take lots of features for granted, You’ve got to make them love your app.

Advanced Search Mechanism

Search matters when the app delivers complex content, Our system of search & filters will help your users find what they want easily!

Amazing App Features

People use their mobiles to enhance productivity, comfort and pleasure, everywhere and at anytime, That’s why every page should easily accessible.

Push Notifications

A one of the most basic of features and one of the most essential for any mobile app. They are easier to send than email!

Amazing App Features

A great way to reach out to readers with new posts and news based on their saved preferences!

We Make Your life Easier

Build Trust with your App Users!

As businesses often require high volumes of content, whether that means articles for their own blog, guest posts for other industry blogs, content for internal use or press releases for news sites, We’ve built VibesPress with a content management & organization tools designed for your application users to keep them in control of all the application sections including Favorites section, Read later Section & even the Reported posts section for better accessibility and usability.

Furthermore, App users can control Push Notifications settings and set the App to only notify them about posts from specific categories, topics and even websites!

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Why do I need a Mobile App?


Customers have gone mobile and any small business without an on-the-go presence is missing out on business opportunities.       Not convinced? Here’s some food for thought: back in the mid-1990s, many business owners thought they didn’t need a website. However, having an effective website is considered as be a key factor in a small business’ success today.
Will the same be true for mobile apps? Count on it.

Why do I need to create a mobile app if my website is already responsive?

An app “native” to the device on which it’s designed to run and operate faster than a responsive website on the same device.
Additionally, an app can be set to work without internet connection, which means your mobile App can always be opened and used. This is handy when a customer is not connected and wants a critical piece of business info like your phone number or need to read a post when his device in Airplane mode.

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