University admissions platform and language centers for study abroad
Using the best technologies and the latest programming languages, the admissions system was developed by the Vibes Solutions team who has extensive experience in the field of applications and electronic reservation systems that enable companies and university admissions offices to organize their work and contract with universities and different language centers around the world to provide university admissions, scholarships and educational opportunities. And cultural rights for students wishing to study and learn abroad or at home.

The platform contains many advantages and distinctive features to provide the best services and provide an easy and flexible browsing and reservation process for students looking for a major or language course in a university or center.

The platform provides many validities , rules and important matters that help the platform administrators and facilitate the process for them

The main screen for managing the platform has important and quick information, such as the number of universities, available language centers, places of residence (student housing), and it also contains shortcuts to access other important pages.

The system also contains a special screen to manage reservation and admission requests that enables the academic advisor to follow up and determine the steps that have been taken between him and the student, such as registering for a specific course, dates, dates and agreeing to pay. Urgent follow-up or if the request is effective, for example

It is also possible to add student information by the supervisor directly and create a profile for new students that contains personal information, contact information, places to go and specializations that the student selects for enrollment, to start the application steps, admissions and the necessary procedures.

The supervisor can add a new account and specify the status of the new account user, whether he is a supervisor, advisor, or student. Powers can be added to the account by entering the status and type of account and the permissions allowed for the user.

The platform also provides you with the possibility of determining the method of collecting financial dues from students on the majors and courses that have been chosen by the student, either by weekly or quarterly payment, or at the beginning or completion of the educational period, or during certain periods of time that the student is obligated to based on the availability of vacant seats for the course and so forth. In addition, in the event of discounts resulting from the programs and courses, they are calculated automatically by the system.

The platform also enables you to determine and choose the times of giving courses during the week and to provide several different times commensurate with all parties participating in the program, and in the event that there are additional fees due on the courses, they are placed in the box of additional fees to be paid in the necessary time.

It is also possible through the platform to add photos, videos and explanatory explanations of universities, language centers, colleges, accredited bodies, university facilities and public places available on the campus on its introductory page and display it to students. Pictures of public, tourism, cultural and educational places surrounding the place where the student is going can also be attached.

With regard to students, we have provided them with all means of comfort, knowledge and accurate understanding of the programs offered with the following advantages


The ability to store personal information and log in at any time

Store information and login

There is a page for the student, his personal information, contact information, and the major he wants to join, whether in universities or language centers.

Emergency contact

The possibility of storing the student's parents contact information in case of emergency

Emergency contact with the student's parent

The system provides an emergency contact list, in which specific numbers are added to relatives and friends in the event of any emergency occurrence with the student, in order to communicate with them, and several numbers can be entered to maintain the safety of students participating in educational and cultural programs and to provide everything necessary for their service.

Certificates and CV

The possibility of uploading CV, certificates and experiences and on the platform

Download certificates

It is also possible for students to attach their CVs, experience certificates, courses and certificates approved by cultural or educational centers to increase the chance of acceptance and enhance the profile to facilitate procedures and facilitate the admission process.

List of services

The system provides a list of services that the student needs in the place he is going to

List of services needed by the student

The system also provides a list of required services that are determined by the student, such as the specialty he wants to study, or the language center, place of residence, or transportation. The system also provides a feature to track payments through a list of payments, which shows details of payments from their various methods.


Determine the centers and courses that have been chosen

List of requests and acceptances

It contains the chosen specialization or language center, the status of the application, the date of submission of the application and the cost of education abroad. It is also possible to add other details such as the place of residence and transportation details. The information and data can be modified by the supervisor at any time in the event of any change.

There is also a special section for participants from universities, language centers, and course-giving centers, which has the following advantages

  • The platform provides sections and pages displaying all categories of services provided by university majors and courses in language centers in addition to colleges and study programs and support services (such as transportation and housing)

  • You must add the identification papers, places of certification of certification, documents that prove the credibility of universities, centers and university rankings worldwide, and bank accounts of universities, colleges and centers to appear on his personal page.

  • The system supports the language feature, where documents and certificates are available in more than one language so that the information reaches the student clearly and accurately to avoid the occurrence of problems resulting from a wrong understanding and to increase the student’s awareness as well.

  • Adding several branches of the university, language centers and colleges in several different places and the possibility of identifying the specializations and courses available in each branch, contact information for each branch, grants, discounts and services

  • A list of courses is also available through which all training and educational courses are added to the system, and the areas in which these training and educational courses are given are specified and the cost of the course

  • The services available to students are displayed by universities and colleges based on the places chosen by the student to go to them, such as transportation, their locations, and nearby residential areas.