Car rental and reservation platform now from Vibes Solutions
We at Vibes Solutions have built a website with a highly professional car rental service application with a highly experienced and efficient team to reduce the use of paperwork, reduce wasted time, and record everything electronically in order to reduce the rate of errors or even eliminate them completely.

The new system is characterized by the presence of a special site for car rental shops and an application for clients that are interconnected with each other to avoid any errors with the customer or business owner and to facilitate things smoothly between the two parties.

The system provides many advantages for the system administrators


The ability to log in and store personal information

Store personal data

The system provides a page for registration and personal information for the addict, and it is also possible for there to be more than one addict with different powers and then keeps the person’s personal information. Each addict has his own login page. He must enter the name and password.

main page

The main page of the addict contains the entire platform information

Important and basic information

The main page of the addict contains the entire platform information such as the number of actual users and the ratio of males to females. It also shows a chart to track the business pattern and compare between the previous and current weeks to see if the percentages shown in the charts match the work requirements.

List of cars

The system provides a complete list of the cars

List of cars Availability

The system provides a complete list of the cars that the showroom owns with the specifications of each car to avoid problems and easy search between cars and whether the car is available or outside the showroom, when it exits and when it will return, and it can modify the type of car or category and so on at any time he wants.


Send alerts to the admin

Send alerts

It is characterized by the feature of sending notifications to the admin in the event that a request is sent by the supplier or the customer in order to respond to the questions and inquiries directed quickly and easily.

Classification of cars

The possibility of classification and arrangement of cars

Classification and listings of cars

It also provides lists and classifications of cars based on whether they are small transport or large transfers of category and model. This list can be modified by deleting or adding easily and at any time or displaying specific car details.

car location

The possibility of locating the car and delivering it in more than one place

Determine the location of the car

The platform also features a list to locate the car and know its location in the event that it was delivered in another place or in a different showroom, and to know the location and time of delivery to facilitate the delivery process for the customer and not restrict it to one place for delivery.

As for the customer application, we have provided everything necessary to facilitate the process of booking, receiving and delivering cars