How to Manage Social Media in a Global Crisis

We could keep using the word “unprecedented” when referring to the global public health crisis in which we find ourselves. But ultimately, whether or not a crisis of this magnitude could have been seen coming ‘round the bend or whether it’s been seen before has little to no bearing on this fact: You will manage social media [...]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Content with Social Media

We know that a successful social media strategy requires delivering high-quality and engaging content to users. But can social media actually be used to help you improve the content you’re creating and offer even more value to your audience? Absolutely. It’s so important that content and social media feed off one another and work together in this [...]

Your Social Media Career: What’s following From Here?

As a social media manager, I get it. We are the wearer of many hats in the marketing world – from project management to crisis communications, to content managers. We are on at all times and because of this fact, we can get easily burnt out leaving us to think, what’s next for my social [...]

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