Google Now Has 6 Ways to Measure Core Web Vitals

Google is making it easier for SEOs and site owners to measure Core Web Vitals across a number of different tools. Google is quickly expanding the number of ways site owners can measure Core Web Vitals, now offering 6 ways in total. Core Web Vitals were introduced just weeks ago, and at the time they [...]

Google Reveals the Fastest Growing Product Categories in Search Results

Google has launched a new tool designed to help marketers keep up with which products are in high demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rising Retail Categories tool marks the first time Google has provided this type of insight on the product categories people are currently searching for. Consumer interest is rapidly shifting from one [...]

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Google Confirms May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out Today

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that a core algorithm update is rolling out today – May 4, 2020. The update will officially be known as the “May 2020 Core Update.” Google has been one step ahead of the SEO community when it comes to naming these updates, as the company now defaults to a generic [...]

Google COVID-19 Marketing Strategy Playbook

Google has released a COVID-19 Marketing Playbook. It’s designed to give businesses a framework for creating a marketing strategy during the pandemic. The strategy is based on Google’s observations on how businesses are dealing with the swiftly changing business environment. Three Paths To Economic Recovery According to Google, there are three paths toward economic recovery: [...]

Google Doesn’t Help its Own SEO Team With SEO Questions

Google’s John Mueller was recently featured in a video about 301 redirects in which an interesting revelation was made. As part of the Ask Google Webmasters video series, Mueller answered the following question sent in by a site owner: “After a 301 redirect, how long does it take Google to start ranking the NEW URL [...]

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Google Reveals How Search Behavior Has Changed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Google has published data on recent search trends, revealing the top 5 ways search behavior is changing during the pandemic. This data has been compiled in an effort to assist marketers with being more helpful to customers during this time. No organization is exempt from the shift in search behavior caused by the pandemic, and [...]

Google Reveals What COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema Looks Like in Search

Google has now shared examples of what COVID-19 special announcement structured data will look like when used in search results. A brand new set of structured data markup for special announcements related to COVID-19 was introduced last month. Google officially stated last week it will support the new structured data, but didn’t say when it [...]

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Google to Support New COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema in Search Results

Google search results will soon support a new type of schema markup designed for special announcements related to COVID-19. The markup can be added now, but isn’t yet visible in search results. According to an announcement on Twitter, Google will be supporting the schema markup in search results in the near future. Structured data for [...]

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Google Confirms It Is Now Building a Nationwide Coronavirus Info Site

Google is working with the US government to develop a website informing people about coronavirus, in addition to other measures. This is an entirely different website than the one announced on Friday, which is being developed by an Alphabet-owned company called Verily. Unlike Verily’s website, which is being designed to serve the Bay Area only, [...]

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Google Provides Guidance to Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

Google provided advice on what businesses should do with their Google My Business listings if they’re affected by COVID-19. To assist customers, businesses affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to update their Google My Business profile with with the most accurate information. Google has published a new GMB help page with further recommendations, which include: Change [...]

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