SEO After COVID-19: 8 Opportunities to Start Working on Now

  The world is currently in a state of confusion, panic, bewilderment, and uncertainty. With the situation changing by the hour, it can leave you feeling lost and wondering what is going to come next. But, we are a strong group, and we will get through this. It might not look the same once the [...]

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Coronavirus And The Impact On Businesses So Far – Who’s Up & Who’s Down?

A brand new report reveals the business impact of Coronavirus so far in the US, including which categories are up and which are down. The report was published by Yelp this week and reflects data gathered from March 1 through March 22. Yelp’s report looks at which types of businesses have risen or fallen in [...]

Google Confirms It Is Now Building a Nationwide Coronavirus Info Site

Google is working with the US government to develop a website informing people about coronavirus, in addition to other measures. This is an entirely different website than the one announced on Friday, which is being developed by an Alphabet-owned company called Verily. Unlike Verily’s website, which is being designed to serve the Bay Area only, [...]

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Google Provides Guidance to Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

Google provided advice on what businesses should do with their Google My Business listings if they’re affected by COVID-19. To assist customers, businesses affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to update their Google My Business profile with with the most accurate information. Google has published a new GMB help page with further recommendations, which include: Change [...]

Coronavirus Impact on Search Marketing

Human lives are the foremost concern with respect to the topic of coronavirus. Yet it is prudent to consider the impact it may have, including the economic one. While the depth of the impact is hard to predict, there are indications there may be a ripple effect should the current trends continue. Shop From Home [...]

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