Google tweeted nowadays (on Google Webmasters) the leading practices and tools that news distributers can utilize to form a data rich and engaging experience for the news readers.

Here are the tools:

Add article structured data to AMP pages

Implementing structured data on your news, blogs, and sports article AMP pages can help you to get enhanced appearance in Google SERPs.

To test your AMP article markup, you can use rich results test tools. With this tool, you can validate your AMP article markup and get any errors or suggestions for the best practices that you can use to create a data rich.

Mark up your live-streaming video content

Add BroadcastEvent to your live-streaming video content in order to get a live badge. To get crawled and indexed for your live-streaming video content, Google recommends to use the indexing API – this API helps site owners to notify Google about added or removed pages.

For AMP pages: Update the cache and use components

Here, you need to use the following:

  • Update the cache: Read more at this link.
  • Use news-related AMP components: Use this link to learn how to implement <amp-live-list>.