Google has been spotted serving AMP pages in desktop search in what shows up to be either a test or a glitch.

Although, what’s maybe indeed more notable than that, is the size of the images shown for AMP results on desktop.

Here is an example shared by Christian Oliveira on Twitter:

Google is Testing AMP Results in Desktop SERPs

He was able to replicate the same type of SERP for other queries as well. Notice the lighting bolt icon next to each result, indicating that they’re AMP pages.

View image on Twitter

As Oliveira notes on Twitter, these desktop results look like a cross between Google Discover and regular search results.

This marks a first for Google, as results for AMP pages are usually reserved for mobile devices. It’s rather unusual to see Google directing users to AMP pages through desktop search results.

The combination of AMP pages in desktop SERPs, and the outrageous size of the images being shown, lead me to believe this is more likely a glitch than a test.

If it’s a test I can’t imagine it will be well received. Time will tell what becomes of these search results.


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