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As a buyer ..
Are you looking for a trusted shopping site instead of shopping from sellers’ pages on social networking sites? Looking for offers and sellers that have been tried and evaluated before?
Enjoy shopping online and browse many options and sellers in the right place where there are many products that meet your needs of personal accessories, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, clothes and shoes, electronics and mobile phones, plants and flowers, handicrafts and many Many distinctive products are all in one place from the supplier or factory to the buyer directly without any extra commissions with the features of electronic payment or payment upon delivery!

Ask for what you need now without worry because the quality of the goods sold is guaranteed and the payment methods are safe.

As a seller ..
Eshtari Online is the first website that provides sellers and suppliers with an integrated sales platform that provides them with many advantages, including the possibility of managing their own catalog of their own by adding, modifying and canceling the products for display on the home page of the site as well as the page of their shop and view the sales reports through the screens Their own, all these features and more put them in your hands for free.
what does that mean? Joining the Online Buyers Network means that you no longer need to spend money to get the website and to pay the cost of maintenance, development, technical support and hosting, which helps to reduce your operating expenses and helps you to compete in prices and quality!

Our platform

The Component:

The key Features:

Products sorting and filtering.

Unlimited images and galleries.

Unlimited products.

Unlimited variations

Reporting and statistics.

Online and offline payment options.

Single and Multi Vendors ready.

Rating and reviews system.

Categories, tags and attributes to make products easier to find.

Customizable for your location.

Shipping options.


Related products.

Products variations lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation

The Website


Our solution runs on WordPress which is recognized as one of the best platforms for SEO practices


  • Full shopping cycle.
  • User preferences (Notification settings, languages and currencies)
  • Chatting functionality which enables real time communication between customers and vendors.
  • My orders section.
  • My wish list section
  • Social login integration using Gmail, Facebook and twitter authentication.
  • My profile section (Personal info, shipping info and billing info).
  • Products categories and sub categories section.
  • Latest offers section.
  • Popular products section.
  • My cart.
  • Keyword search with categories filtration.
Download App
Download App



  • Vendor’s dashboard for today, this week, this month and all time sales.
  • My orders section.
  • My products section with the ability to add or update vendor’s products.
  • My coupons.
  • User preferences (Notifications settings, Language settings).
  • Chatting functionality enabling easier communications between customers and vendors with the ability to change chatting status (Online/Offline).


To make sure we are covering all types and sizes of businesses we can offer the platform in a 3 different ways:


Get your 40% Lifetime commission for every subscription you bring.

Using Eshtari Online

Free small businesses from complex software & hardware management and provide them a direct access to the platform via the internet with a lower up-front cost, quick setup, accessibility, scalability and easy upgrades.

Let your customers’ pay for what they need by choosing the plan that’s right for them.


Get your 35% Lifetime commission for every deal you bring.

Provide as Vibes Solutions product

Free yourself from the complex tasks and start

working as a partner by selling one of the most

in demand applications to increase your revenue.

Get your commission per each deal you bring just

for referring the customer and let us handle the rest.

Gray Label

Get your 50% Lifetime commission for every deal you bring.

Intelligent step

Enjoy offering your clients what they need by having the platform branded with your brand to sell it as it’s yours.

Never waste your time reinventing the wheel and focus on making better profit.

All what you need is to start signing your deals and let us handle your clients’ development and support requests from the backoffice as your technical arm.

Features Table

Features SaaS
Installed Gray Labeled
Free updates X X
Hosting Included forever Included for 1 year Included for 1 year
Design Customization Included
Support Included External contract* External contract*
Communications Vibes team Vibes team Intelligent step team

*For installed, client will pay the hosting and support renewal based a new contract with vibes solutions.

*For gray labeled, client will pay the hosting and support renewal based on a new contract with intelligent step and a special contract will be signed between intelligent step and vibes to cover the original contract.

*** Our team will decide weather to implement any suggested design changes and suggested features or not.

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