Google Now Has 6 Ways to Measure Core Web Vitals

Google is making it easier for SEOs and site owners to measure Core Web Vitals across a number of different tools. Google is quickly expanding the number of ways site owners can measure Core Web Vitals, now offering 6 ways in total. Core Web Vitals were introduced just weeks ago, and at the time they [...]

How Search Engines Rank Pages

Learn how search engines rank webpages – from the classification of a query, to assigning context, and determining which signals are most important. As SEO professionals, we generally focus on the question, “How do I rank my page?” An equally, if not more important question we should be asking is, “How do search engines rank [...]

How Search Engine Algorithms Work: Everything You Need to Know

A search algorithm is a massive collection of other algorithms, each with its own purpose and task. Here's how it all works. Often I find myself focusing on specific strategies to perform specific functions. How do I write compelling copy to rank on voice search? What structured data produces easy wins? Things like that. These important questions [...]

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10 Steps to Make a Full Business Recovery from the Crisis

With the worldwide crisis over the past few months, everyone’s income has been in constant jeopardy, so they’ve been spending less. But the certainty that things will get better motivates businesses to keep running – and find ways to recover after taking damage. During the lockdown, one big task you could have started working on [...]

May 19th, 2020|Tags: , |

How Ecommerce Stores Can Care About Their Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Now that online shopping is booming, it's the best time for ecommerce stores to show they truly care for customers. Here are three ways to do it. The COVID-19 crisis is taking a toll on almost all industries. There is a sharp decline in consumer spending, with people conserving their funds and investing only in [...]

Google Reveals the Fastest Growing Product Categories in Search Results

Google has launched a new tool designed to help marketers keep up with which products are in high demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rising Retail Categories tool marks the first time Google has provided this type of insight on the product categories people are currently searching for. Consumer interest is rapidly shifting from one [...]

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Google Confirms May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out Today

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that a core algorithm update is rolling out today – May 4, 2020. The update will officially be known as the “May 2020 Core Update.” Google has been one step ahead of the SEO community when it comes to naming these updates, as the company now defaults to a generic [...]

Google COVID-19 Marketing Strategy Playbook

Google has released a COVID-19 Marketing Playbook. It’s designed to give businesses a framework for creating a marketing strategy during the pandemic. The strategy is based on Google’s observations on how businesses are dealing with the swiftly changing business environment. Three Paths To Economic Recovery According to Google, there are three paths toward economic recovery: [...]

How to Manage Social Media in a Global Crisis

We could keep using the word “unprecedented” when referring to the global public health crisis in which we find ourselves. But ultimately, whether or not a crisis of this magnitude could have been seen coming ‘round the bend or whether it’s been seen before has little to no bearing on this fact: You will manage social media [...]

April 26th, 2020|Tags: , |

Google Doesn’t Help its Own SEO Team With SEO Questions

Google’s John Mueller was recently featured in a video about 301 redirects in which an interesting revelation was made. As part of the Ask Google Webmasters video series, Mueller answered the following question sent in by a site owner: “After a 301 redirect, how long does it take Google to start ranking the NEW URL [...]

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